Shenzhen Power Quality Engineering Lab
Power Quality Intelligent Monitoring Engineering Laboratory

Shenzhen Power Quality Engineering Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as the laboratory) was approved by the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission in June 2013, relying on the construction of Shenzhen Hietech Technology Co., Ltd.

It is one of the special support projects for the development of new energy industry in Shenzhen, and belongs to the first engineering laboratory in the field of power quality in South China.


Based on the core technology with independent intellectual property rights and leading power quality technology, the laboratory actively undertakes scientific research projects supported by relevant departments of the state, provinces and municipalities.

Carry out research on key technologies in related industries. The laboratory uses technical means such as theoretical research, simulation analysis and experiment.

Technical and Service
1.Simulation, monitoring and improvement test of typical microgrid harmonics, reactive power, voltage sag and other problems.  
2.Motor load loading, unloading process impact test on microgrid.
3.Simulation, monitoring and improvement test of reactive power and harmonic problems of thyristor voltage regulation nonlinear load
4.Simulation, monitoring and improvement test of nonlinear load reactive power and harmonic problems of rectifier equipment